I spit on your grave

Touch The Spider!

I spit on your grave

Double CD-Album

TOUCH THE SPIDER!  Gothic  Doom  PsychedelicStart.html

Cosmic Lava:

"...Whatever the circumstances are, I suggest to buy a copy of this unique album recorded by a unique band."

"Like their fellow proto-doom bands, Touch the spider! have the ability to generate a diverse array of emotions. From sadness to happiness and several points in between..."

Sir Lord Doom:

"... A cult band for the fearless is born, a band that's playing real sinister music. Music that truly may be called Gothic, Doom, Alternative..." (Translated excerpt)


"... What remains is a terrific piece of music, dedicated to former heros without copying or caricaturing them..." (Translated excerpt).

"... It's a humdinger!"